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It’s more FUN in the Philippines

What I See Is What I Blog supports It’s more FUN in the Philippines campaign of the Department of Tourism.


8 riders in a motorcycle

Yes there are 8 passengers here. A boy is being held by the guy in white T-shirt at the other side.

0816200911228 (Medium)

Talk about maximizing a ride.

Convinience or exercise?

Would you rather take the stairs or the escalator?

escalator stairs

Not Funny

Here’s what First lady Michelle Obama looks like when she’s not Happy.


product instructions fail

I was supposed to buy this air freshener… good thing i always read the labels and instructions first.


Air freshener gel is uses superior natural fragrance. Whith its unique formulation, its fragrance should last for around 30 days, and is soft and fresh enough for any area, around the home and your car.


1. Do not ingost (maybe a foriegn language)
2. Keep away from children
3. Keep away from naked flame (what’s a naked flame?)

Strike a pose


Think like kids

Good thing kids don’t think like adults…