Pacman’s Sports Bar

Our hotel was near our first stop… Pacman’s Sport’s Bar…. yes, the pound for pound king’s very own!

gensan_saffari_one (2)

According to the locals, this is where you would normally catch Manny Pacquiao if not in their home or in the Gym. And he really came by during the latter part of the evening (we saw him on our way back to the hotel) with is friends and billiard mates.

Inside Pacman’s Sports Bar, you’ll also see some Pacquiao Memorabilia’s and exclusive Pacman items for sale such as shirts, cds and DVDs of his fights, sport’s jackets, and a lot more.

gensan_saffari_one (3) gensan_saffari_one (4) gensan_saffari_one (7) gensan_saffari_one (8)

The darts range (if that’s what you call it) is nicely lit up which gives the feeling of being in the finale of every game and being able to win the it.

gensan_saffari_one (5)

There are five –expensive – billiards table which will really make you feel like a pro.

P5290037 (Medium) gensan_saffari_one (19)

Thanks to Pacman’s Sport’s Bar for providing the refreshing drinks and appetizers. I love the beef sisig, creamy and cheesy cheese sticks, and the crunchy and garlic filled chicken dipped in special sauce.

Thanks also to their kind staff for the warm welcome to Gensan and to Pacman’s Sports Bar.

gensan_saffari_one (22)

Also in the housed in the building are other business establishments of |Manny Pacquiao and his wife such as Jinkee’s Fashion World and JMIX Resto bar.


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