Bohol Escapade: Mag-aso Falls

The Mag-aso Falls was named after the Bario where its at, Mag-aso. Its in the town of Antequera. Its 30 to 45 minutes away from the city but is still being visited by a lot of tourists for its beauty and relaxing ambiance.

040120099387 (Medium)

But before anyone can set foot on the falls and bathe in its green waters, you first need to pass 197 steps down the falls.

But before you do that.. you need to pay first the entrance fee.. P20.00 for adults and P10.00 for children.

040120099388 (Medium) Now the trek..

040120099390 (Medium) 040120099395 (Medium)

The secret for not getting tired.. listen to the falls. And when you actually see it…. you’ll just smile and forget about the tiring decent.

040120099409 (Medium)

 040120099418 (Medium) 040120099404 (Medium) (2)

Water is cold but not freezing.

040120099402 (Medium)

If you’d like to rent a cottage (there’s only 3 available), the small one costs P50.00 while the big one is P100.00. Its an “open” cottage and everyone within the vicinity of the falls will share a common bathroom.

040120099397 (Medium)

You can also climb up the falls and take a nice dive. The caretakers said that the bottom of the falls is deep.

040120099417 (Medium)

Enjoy Mag-aso falls!


One response to “Bohol Escapade: Mag-aso Falls

  1. Hope to someday visit some of the tourist destination of world-famous Bohol. I actually hailed from Leyte and though I have been to Cebu but not yet in Bohol.

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