Bohol Escapade: Punta Cruz Watch Tower

The Watch tower at Punta Cruz is famous not for its height or location.. but for its shape. If I’m not mistaken, Its the only watch tower in Bohol that was built in a triangular shape.

040120099385 (Medium)

Punta Cruz watchtower was erected in the year 1796 by the Spaniards and was dedicated to SaintVincent Ferrer, Maribojoc’s patron saint.

It served as a spying point, since Muslim invaders used to attack the town at that time. – source

Not for the claustrophobics its dark in some areas brought about by the age old dark stone walls.

040120099369 (Medium) 040120099373 (Medium)

Here’s a view of the ground on top of the tower…

040120099378 (Medium)

I saw a stairs going down leading to the sea. But shore line is kinda rocky which is not good for swimming or for boats to get near so I’m not sure what those stairs are for.

040120099366 (Medium)

There’s a wooden cross not far from the tower. There are also shaded sitting areas where you can have a rest, have your snack, or just appreciate the beauty of the sea.

040120099363 (Medium) 040120099364 (Medium)


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