Bohol Escapade: Sagbayan Peak

You’ll need to dedicate one day of your tour of Bohol if you plan to go to Sagbayan Peak. Its a private resort and recreation area about that’s quite far from the usual places and close tourist spots in Bohol.

040120099283 (Medium)

But your 1.5 to 2 hour ride going here from the City will be worth it.

Along the way, you’ll be seeing mini chocolate hills and prepare from some rough roads.

040120099266 (Medium) 040120099265 (Medium)

There are a lot of amenities  at Sagbayan Peak. They have ample free parking. The general entrance fee is P20.00. There’s a separate entrance fee for other areas. Oh if you’re on a tour package, your driver’s entrance fee is free.

You’ll walk up the slightly steep path so take it slowly so you won’t end up grasping for air.

040120099268 (Medium) 040120099269 (Medium)

The end of the path is where you’ll see giant Disney characters and T-rex. Nope this is not the children’s playground.

040120099272 (Medium) 040120099273 (Medium) 040120099271 (Medium)

There are two view decks. One is near the activity area / canteen which they call the Pavillion. From here you can see several mini chocolate hills. A good place to start your photo sessions.

040120099284 (Small) 040120099286 (Small)

The other view deck is located a few meters away where you’ll have to walk a nicely done pathway.

040120099318 (Medium)

040120099294 (Medium) 040120099296 (Medium)

This is one of the main attractions of Sagbayan Peak. The view of the Chocolate Hills. Something similar to that in the Town of Carmen.

040120099297 (Medium) 040120099309 (Medium)

Other stuff you can find here at Sagbayan Peak:

  • A canteen for value meals

040120099331 (Medium)

  • Cafe Bayadilio for fine dining needs. Food here is good.

040120099319 (Medium) 040120099327 (Medium)

  • There’s also a photo printing station and where you could also buy batteries or even a disposable camera if ever yours bugged down.

040120099336 (Medium)

  • There’s also a kiddie town but I didn’t manage to take a peak there. I wanted to but the scorching hot sun prevented me from being a kid again.

040120099282 (Medium)

Near the ticket booth, you’ll find a cage full of trees and plants.. That’s where some Tarsiers are housed. No fees being collected but you could drop some change on your way out of the cage for maintenance of the little creatures.

There’s also the butterfly dome… that.. as the name implies.. houses butterflies.

There’s also a grotto and a Chapel.

Oh, almost forgot.. One other attraction here is the Sagbayan Peak Water Park.

040120099353 (Medium) 040120099354 (Medium) 040120099357 (Medium) 040120099352 (Medium)

So yeah.. basically, this place is an all-in-one tourist destination.

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