Bohol Escapade: Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan cave is one of the major attractions in Bohol. Though it is not the only cave that can be found here, its the most famous for its beautiful rock formations.

hinagdanan cave

The cave has large stalactites and stalagmites, bats, and a lagoon.

Hinagdanan Cave is in Barangay Bingag, Dauis, Panglao Island. So those staying in any beach in Panglao will not have a long ride getting here. From Tagbilaran City, I think its a 10-20 minute ride.

When you arrive here, look for the cashier to pay for the P15.00 entrance and P15.00 parking fee (depending on your vehicle).

                  040120099126 (Medium) 040120099131 (Medium)

I think the parking fee should not be charged. They are already collecting for the entrance fee. Plus, they have stalls offering various items for pasalubong within the vicinity of the cave which for sure they are collecting a stall fee.

040120099128 (Medium)

The entrance to the cave is a man made structure similar to cave openings.

040120099132 (Medium) 040120099136 (Medium)

Then you’ll see the railings that you’ll use to hold on as you go down the stairs of the cave.

040120099137 (Medium) 040120099138 (Medium)

I’ve taken a lot of pictures and here are some of the nice ones..

040120099142 (Medium) 040120099146 (Medium) 040120099148 (Medium) 040120099150 (Medium) 040120099186 (Medium) 040120099159 (Medium) 040120099164 (Medium) 040120099167 (Medium) 040120099178 (Medium) 040120099182 (Medium) 040120099158 (Medium)040120099183 (Medium)  040120099191 (Medium)

This is the best shot that I got of the lagoon in the middle of the cave.

040120099189 (Medium)

You can go to the other side of the lagoon by walking  at the side of the cave. Just be careful. You’ll see some more holes that seems to lead to the deeper part of the cave. But its so small that only snakes, rats and bats can go through it.

040120099190 (Medium)

I heard one of the locals who was accompanying his visitor friends that part of the attraction of the Hinagdanan Cave is the eye-like openings that lit the cave using the sun’s light.

040120099192 (Medium) 040120099194 (Medium)

One response to “Bohol Escapade: Hinagdanan Cave

  1. One of my close friends already visited this place and she swore Hinagdanan Cave is really amazing.

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