Bohol Escapade: Virgin Island

Not far from Balut Island is another great place to visit near Panglao Island in Bohol. An oddly shaped island called Virgin Island. I’m not sure if the shape has something to do with its name.

virgin island Satellite view of Virgin island from Google maps

Or maybe its still “un touched” that’s why until now, it has retained its beauty. White sand, and just a couple of trees and grass..

033120099055 (Medium) 033120099059 (Medium)

Its seems like a place perfect for a wedding or a reception.

033120099060 (Medium) 033120099066 (Medium)

One word… amazing!

Here’s an aerial view of Virgin Island from Casal Photography

1DM35394 - Version 2


5 responses to “Bohol Escapade: Virgin Island

  1. Thank you for mentioning me.


  2. hello! is it possible for us to visit Balut, Virgin, & Panglao Islands in one day?

  3. Yes. you can cover it in just one day.

  4. rachel faith bague

    bohol is blessed with magnificent tourist spot

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