Bohol Escapade: Balut Island

Depending on how fast you go from one place to another is the chance for you to got to Balut Island and Virgin Island. So I suggest you don’t stay too long at Balicasag Island to go diving or snorkeling or else, you’ll miss this…

033120099024 (Small) 033120099026 (Small)

Pure white sand in the middle of the sea. It’s like a vanishing island as it only appears during a certain time of the day and submerges in the Bohol sea when the high tide comes in.

First, here is Balut Island.

033120099034 (Medium)  033120099052 (Medium)033120099035 (Medium) 033120099036 (Medium) 

033120099038 (Medium)

I don’t know why they called this Balut island, but trust me.. Its definitely a great place to see.

Next will take a look at the Virgin Island.

2 responses to “Bohol Escapade: Balut Island

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  2. try to visit Balut Island, Davao del Sur

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