Bohol Escapade: Pawikan encounter

It wasn’t part of the itinerary but our Boatman offered if we wanted to see a “Pawikan”  (turtle). And of course I said yes! And so he took as to this small “kubo” (hut) in the middle of the vast waters of Bohol.

033120099003 (Medium)

The first thing I said was, were is the Pawikan? Then the boatman asked the owner of the pawikan to show it to us.

The owner said “Look down”. And so we did. And there we saw the pawikans. They were tied to a pole to prevent them from leaving.

033120099004 (Medium)

They seem so small.. but not until they were taken out of the water!

033120099006 (Medium)

It got bigger and bigger as the boatman carrying it approached me.

033120099007 (Medium)

This was my first close encounter with a turtle.

033120099010 (Medium)

It doesn’t look as marvelous as this in the pictures and on screen. It was also heavy.

033120099012 (Medium)

I was afraid that it might bite me! But the owner said that it doesn’t bite. I was waiting for it to hide on under his shell. But I guess the turtle is already used to being in front of people and in the limelight.

Before leaving, don’t forget to give some change to the owners of the pawikan. It will help them in their everyday meal and keeping the pawikans alive.


2 responses to “Bohol Escapade: Pawikan encounter

  1. Hello! I’m Kristina from Bohol. Where specifically is this place in Bohol? I would like to check this place out. Was this really close to Balicasag or really in Balicasag? Thanks!

  2. HI Kristina, it was part of the tour when we rented the boat- Dolphin, Balicasag, then turtle encounter.

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