Bohol Escapad: Balicasag Island

Next stop after your Dolphine watching is Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary.

033120098998 (Small)

The island is gifted with a nice spot for snorkeling and diving.

033120098963 (Small) 033120098966 (Small)

There’s an enclosed restricted area where corals, fish, and other marine species are well taken cared of.

033120098967 (Small)

Here’s an aerial shot of Balicasag Island from Google Maps.

Balicasag Island

The crystal clear waters will really entice you to dive in and see what the wonderful array of marine creatures.

033120098976 (Small)

The beach front has also white sand but our guide tells us that it was taken from Panglao Island. Nevertheless, it adds beauty to Balicasag.

033120098977 (Small)

As an alternative for those who are not into swimming, diving, or snorkeling like me, you can take a tour of this small island (by yourself). You won’t get lost.. its just a small island.

You’ll get to see the Naval forces central detachment,

033120098979 (Small)

You’ll also see an old  watch tower and a new light tower.

033120098987 (Small) 033120098988 (Small)

There’s also a church for the small community in Balicasag and their patron saint is Senior Santiago Apostol.

033120098990 (Small)

You might end up getting hungry as it nears lunchtime after your activities in Balicasag Marine Sanctuary. You can buy fresh sea food like fish, squid, shrimp, and crabs and have them cooked at the beach front.

033120098993 (Small)


2 responses to “Bohol Escapad: Balicasag Island

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  2. Balicasag is wanderfull

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