Bohol Escapade: Dolphin watching

Dolphin watching is part of the  Balicasag Island – Dolphin watching package. Price for this ranges from P2,000 – P2,500. But depending on the dates, you can even get lower rates (like off-peak seasons).

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Its a must that you wake up early.. around 5:00 am and leave Panglao Island  not later than 6:00 am to be first to watch the dolphins.

You’ll need to prepare the following:

  • a boat – try JS Bangka – 09263923848. They only charge P2,000
  • sun block
  • Sun glasses
  • Wear swimming clothes if you plan to go on diving or snorkeling at Balicasag Island.
  • Spare clothes
  • Camera
  • Binoculars (if you really plan to see dolphins up close)
  • Water proof bags for your cameras, mobile phones, watches, and other gadgets.

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Depending on the month (and day I guess), you’ll see some dolphins or lots of them. I was told that during between the months of March to June, there’s a bigger attraction, the Butanding or whale sharks.

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I was only using my Nokia N82 to take those pictures so its not that clear. Plus the dolphins were quite far from the boats coz motorboats scare these poor creatures away. That’s why you’ll notice that boat men turn off their engines while waiting for dolphins. Here’s a better shot taken by Materbetong.


It was a great experience to go hunting to see (and not kill) dolphins.  There are times that you’ll get bored while waiting and looking for the spot where they’ll surface. But once they show up its race time for the boatman.

I suggest that after seeing the dolphins once or twice during the “hunt”, you tell you boat man to go to advance to the next destination – Balicasag Island. Get ready for snorkeling and eating fresh seafood!


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