Bohol Escapade: Clarin Ancestral House

You’ll find quite a number of old – no, verrrry old – structures in Bohol. And its so surprising that most of them have been preserved for the future generations. Like the Clarin Ancestral House in Loay.


This ancestral house was owned by Don Aniceto Velez Clarin, a former  governor of Bohol. The house has been converted into a museum with the family’s collection of antiques and is maintained by his descendants.

There is a tourguide inside the house/museum which will provide you with information with everything that you will see inside it. I saw an old TV set which was like the one we have at home. 

The fee is P20.00 and is used for the maintenance of the place. 

The 1st floor has been converted into a cafe – Cafe Olegario – which serves local cuisine. 


Was not able to try the food here.


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3 responses to “Bohol Escapade: Clarin Ancestral House

  1. Hello, my grandfather Esteban Clarin was separated from his family he died in May 1964. He had two sons Faustino and my father Marcelino Clarin both died in 1970’s. The Clarin family situated in Hubo Minalabac, Camarines Sur. , very well respected. Esteban Clarin owned lands and built a house called “palacio”. While my father Marcelino, a barrio captain, I did not know much except the story of my grandfather came from Bohol.?
    Please, is anyone could tell me if we are related, I treasure my family name Clarin and I love my father very much and I would like to have some kind of closure. I truly appreciate your help. Thank you

    sincerely, Margarita Clarin Summa

  2. The Clarin Ancestral House is truly amazing, I would like to visit the place someday.

  3. i presume don aniceto velez clarin descended from don aniceto velez from cebu. i descended from rosario velez, his sister. i want to confirm this as we have been researching on aniceto velez.

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