Bohol Escapade: Loboc River

The famous Loboc River. One of the green rivers in the province of Bohol.


Its also famous for the Loboc River Cruise. A 45 minute cruise of the river with matching meals (lunch or dinner) that will not only fill your eyes with sites, but also your tummies.

I’ve already blogged about the Loay River Cruise. And the loboc river cruise is somewhat simillar.


Here you have several choices on what cruise service to choose depending on the type of  food you would like to eat. If you have a tour guide with you, he/she might have a “suki” already. Oh, did i say that its “eat all you can”?  Enjoy the buffet meal!


It also depends on you if you will include your guide in the ticket/meal. For us, we did. Sort of a Tip (or advance tip) for his good service.

You have the option of eating your food before the boat leaves the dock or during your cruise.


I was surprised to see floating stages. Where performers are waiting for the next boat to arrive. They perform a local song and dance number and guests are free to dance with them. Don’t forget to give a “donation” for their performance.

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