Bohol Escapade: Man-made forest in Bilar

One of the best places i’ve been in Bohol is the Man Made forest in Bilar.


Its like a place from outside of the Philippines. A place where you only see in the movies.

The Man made forest in Bilar is a good place for your photo-shoots. For soon to be couples, for backgrounds and wallpapers..


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3 responses to “Bohol Escapade: Man-made forest in Bilar

  1. antonnette lao caballes

    that place is vry nice
    we went there and its so very nice place….
    we went thre bec… we tour there all tourist spot in bohol… very cold plce lke eircon….
    thats all….

  2. antonnette lao caballes

    sory rng grmar..
    sory dli mn gd ko ana…..

  3. hai toneth bisaya lge ka? contct me na man oh hehehe, taga bohol bya sadco. 09075807902

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