Bohol Escapade: Butterfly Conservation Center

Bohol Butterfly Conservation Center.


Like any other butterfly sanctuary, its full of butterflies! hahaha

The actual area where the butterflies roam is just 1/4 of the whole center. They also have

  • a mini resto where they offer lunch and snacks. 
  • Accommodations
  • An activity area for events
  • They also provide catering services


The place looks nice. Its like a haven not for butterflies but for people who wants some quiet time. 😀


They said that there’s a butterlfly that’s faster than an airplane. I would have wanted to see it however, there wasn’t any available guide to tour us in the place. We had to tour it by ourselves.  So i suggest that you wait for  a guide by the waiting area so that there’s someone explaining things to you. 

Entrance Fee: P20.00 for adult and P5.00 for children (As of posting time).


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3 responses to “Bohol Escapade: Butterfly Conservation Center

  1. Hi, just come across your comments about Simply Butterflies Conservation Center and I would like to thank you for the nice posting. Although I find some of your comments a bit crossed as it is hard to believe that you didn’t have a guided tour round the center, as ALL groups are guided and there is no way you would have known about the fastest flying butterflies if you didn’t have a guide as it is not written anywhere at the center. The fastest flying butterfly is always in the garden on sunny days, people just don’t take the time to notice it. The center is in fact haven for butterflies, as it is one of the only places in the phils with open gardens where over 100 species of butterflies have been recorded, there are more butterflies outside of the netted enclosure than there are inside. This place is one of the only true butterfly conservation gardens in the phils. I hope you get to visit again and have a guided tour to learn more about the world of butterflies.

  2. Hi Cristy,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yeah, we didn’t have any guide to show us around. Coz all the guides were occupied with guests. We were told to wait for a guide but we didn’t. hehehehhe..

    It was our driver/tour guide who told us about the place.

    I must say that Simply Butterflies is a must see place in bohol.

  3. i juz hve read your blog…may i ask more information about the sanctuary of butterfly…please send me the information i needed for this is my report…I am a BSOA student,this is in connection with our tourism subject..thank you…please send me this week if you are convenient,,Godbless.I love Phils…

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