Bohol Escapade: Largest Python

Next stop, we checked somewhat a mini zoo where the Largest Python in Captivity is housed.

They say that this is the Longest and Biggest Python in captivity. But i’m not sure if this is only in Bohol or for the entire country.

It doesn’t seem that big. Oh well.

This is the snake’s care giver. His name is Marimar. 

They make use of the snake’s skin. They make special clothes for women. Just like Tilapia skin which is now being used to make clothing.

As i said, its a mini zoo, so here are the other animals..

These are flying lemurs.

As of posting date, the entrance fee is P15.00. You will also find some nice “pasalubong”  inside the mini zoo.


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One response to “Bohol Escapade: Largest Python

  1. A good rule of thumb for a king is a prey size the same thicknes.
    Y love python snakes
    All best

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