Bohol Escapade: Loay River Cruise

One of the known toursist spots in Bohol that you should not miss is the Loboc River.  Its also called “the River watch” or “Loay River Cruise”. It is often confused with the Loboc River Cruise which i will talk about in the next post.

The river watch offers a 30 minute ride down the river including a Buffet meal. So its better if you’ll take this activity  during lunch time..

The buffet meal was great. had lots of viands and it will really make your tummies full!

This little boat is the one responsible for guiding this floating resto.


First stop, the ATI Tribe.

Next, another group from the Ati tribe, whose houses are built on the side of the mountain.



There’s an on board entertainer. Singing  “old” songs. 

There are also smaller boats ideal for smaller groups. There’s one that looks like a giant Coconut fruit. 😛

You can avail of the Loay and Loboc River cruise for P300.00 (as of posting date).

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