Bohol Escapade: Chocolate Hills

One of the major attractions in bohol, aside from the famouse tarsier, is the Chocolate Hills. 


The known area for chocolate hills is the Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen, Bohol. It offers a Panoramic view of  the world known hills.Upon entry to the hill, you’ll pay the entrance fee. Starting January 2009, the entrance fee to the Chocolate hills Complex have doubled.. From P25.00 to P50.00 per head.


The parking area is at the bottom of the hill. If you hired a vehicle, the driver would know this. and you’ll just have to call or text him or have him called via two way radio. If you are driving your own vehicle, be sure to be at the complex early to because parking is quite hard to find in such a small area.

You should start taking pictures before you climb the 214 steps up the hill. Or else, you’ll show up wasted on your pics! When you reach the top, you’ll be greeted with a marker. a bell on top of a hill.

Crossing the marker, you’ll see the spectacular beauty of the chocolate hills!


You can also see “some” chocolate hills over at Sagbayan Peak. But unlike in carmen, the chocolate hills at sagbayan are few but is enough to give the viewer a good background for photo-ops. On your way to Sagbayan peak, you’ll actually be able to go near a hill – mini chocolate hills – see the near pics above. I will have a separate posts for Sagbayan peak.

You’ll find some guys waiting for you at the top of chocolate hills complex. Asking you if you want your picture taken and printed. You can have it printed on a shirt, mug, pillow, etc.


I was surprised to know that some of the pictures  that i’ve been seeing on the internet where people seems to be close to to the hills is done using a background like the one you see on the above pic. 

If you had a hard time going up, you’ll have a breeze going down the complex. Just make sure you go down carefully. And don’t forget to take pictures on your way down.


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