I was excited to see the smallest monkey in the world, the Bohol Tarsier. 


Its localy called Mamag. 

Its only now that i found out that there are different species of Tarsiers. And I thought that it can only be found here in the Philippines.  But the Philippine Tarsier is the Cutest among the species!


I was worried that i won’t be able to see a tarsier in the flesh when i came to bohol because of the news that the local government has banned showing or tarsiers to tourists and that they should be placed in their natural habitat.

But to my surprise, there are still tarsier encounters in bohol. Those legitimate and authorized establishments bare a sort of certificate such as the pic below.


Our guide told us that the ban came after reports that some tourists – mostly Koreans – are harrassing the tarsiers. They don’t just touch the tarsiers, they also shake their bodies which gives more stress to the poor creature. Also, please turn of the flash of your cameras even in low light.

I hope that tourists who violate the rules in handling tarsiers gets fined or imprisoned.


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