Balwarte: Pier in front of Baclayon Church

There’s a pier in front of Baclayon Church which became popular after actor Cesar Montano proposed to his wife, actres Sunshine Cruz with the Loboc Children’s choir playing in the background. 


The place is called Balwarte.

According to our guide, the place was donated by the Ayalas (owners of Ayala Land).


As a pier, it is where you can find boats or bancas to take you to Pamilacan Island where you can go Dolphin and Whale watching.


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3 responses to “Balwarte: Pier in front of Baclayon Church

  1. what do you mean the Ayala’s donated this place?
    i dont think the Ayala’s owned the light tower, that tower stands long before my grand parents were born. may i know who is you tour guide. is he/she a resident of Baclayon?.

  2. Naku, yun ang sabi ng tour guide namin. Baka nabili ng mga ayalas ang lupa tapos dinonate nalang ulit.

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