Tourist spots in Bohol

There are 20 official tourist spots in Bohol. 


So if you are planning for your bohol trip, make sure to include these places:

  • Blood Compact Shrine
  • Hinagdanan Cave
  • Baclayon Church
  • Loboc River Cruise
  • Rattan and church
  • Chocolate Hills
  • Dagohoy Marker (in Danao)
  • Tarsier in Loboc or Corella
  • Rice Terraces
  • Can-umantad Waterfalls
  • Sagbayan peak
  • Punta Cruz
  • Panglao white beaches
  • Magaso Falls
  • Balicasag Island – Diving, snorkling, and whale watching
  • Man made forest
  • Inabanga river and village tour
  • Cambuhat Village and eco tour
  • Sevilla Hanging bridge
  • Largest Python

But that’s the official list.  You can also go to these other beautiful places in Bohol:

  • Clarin Ancestral House and restaurant
  • Bolo Making
  • Butterfly Sanctuary
  • A new place in front of Baclayon church (where Actor Cesar Montano proposed to his wife Sunshine Cruz)
  • Loay River Cruise (which for me is better than Loboc River Cruise)
  • Loboc Bridge (the bridge to nowhere)
  • Loboc Church
  • Pawikan Encounter
  • Virgin Island and Balut Island
  • Assumption Church
  • Bee Farm

With all these places to go to..  make sure you stay in Bohol for at least 3 full days!

Enjoy your stay in Bohol!

One response to “Tourist spots in Bohol

  1. There are some places in your list that I haven’t heard yet but I’m sure it will be a great place to visit. I’ll put those places in my list for my next travel. Thanks.

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