Sabang Palawan: going there

Sabang in Palawan is the entry point if you plan to go to the Underground Subtarenean River in Palawan. Its a 2 and a half hour ride, 78 KM from town proper. But the scenes on your way there will surely make you forget the time and the distance.


For normal visitors, it is advisable to take guided tours from travel and tour agencies. They offer the same rates but they differ in handling their guests. We got the services of TopStar travel and Tours. I believe their one of the best in Palawan. Will make a separate post about them.

But, if you’re the adventurous type, there are jeepney’s and buses which that leaves puerto princessa going to Sabang. You can find them at San Jose bus terminal.
Going to Sabang you’ll pass by the road to Honda Bay. You can go here if you’ll go on an island hopping tour. Then you’ll also see the Vietnamese Village.


Next you’ll see a white cross on top of a mountain. Our tour guide, ralph, said that it was built by a woman named Shirley. Just listen to your guide about the story of this cross.


Halfway through your journey, you’ll have a stop over.


After the half way rest, most parts of the road to Sabang is rough road.

You will pass by the road to the Jungle Trekking area at Brgy. Kayasan.


Next, you’ll have a quick stop at the St. Paul limestone formation National Monument office where you’re tour guide will arrange something. I think he’ll pay for an entrance fee. Bring out your cam



And then you’ll see the limestone mountain formation such as this one.




You’ll also be able to go to the Buenavista View Deck


And see this beautiful scenery…


Best if you just go here on your way back to Puerto Princessa and not when going to Sabang.


  • Travel using a guided tour from tour agencies in palawan. This is the best option for first time visitors as guides takes care of all the documentations and fees that you need to pay.
  • If you’re travelling as a group, it’s best if you keep your vehicle’s windows open so that you can catch the scenery.
  • Best to stay at the back do that you can get good shots.
  • Bring water and something to eat.
  • If you’re not fond of long rides, better drink some meds before the trip.
  • Use slippers.
  • If possible, don’t wear shorts.. might distract the bats.. seriously, to avoid any insect bites.
  • Speaking of insect bites, better sray some insect repelant lotion.
  • Bring extra clothes in case you want to go swimming in the Sabang beach.
  • The faster you get to Sabang the better, due to numerous visitors to the cave, being early means that you won’t have to wait longer for your turn to ride the boat going inside the cave.

3 responses to “Sabang Palawan: going there

  1. Hi! Do you have any idea, how much is the jeepney fares going to Sabang? Thanks.

  2. There is a 7am jeepney and a 9am bus (no comfort) going to Sabang. They leave from the San Jose terminal, near the new market, about 7km out from the center of Puerto Princesa. Most people get to the San Jose terminal by tricycle and you can expect to pay about P30 per person from the center of Puerto Princesa City, but there is no set price. The trip to Sabang will take up to three hours, depending on the amount of loading and unloading happens along the way. The cost one way is P125 if you look like a Filipino and P200 if you don’t. A jeepney leaves Sabang for Puerto Princesa at 7am and 10am, and the bus returns to Puerto at around 1pm.
    If you are a group of up to 12 people, you may consider hiring your own van with driver. The full day cost of a private van from and to Puerto Princesa City is P3,500. Your guest house or hotel can book this for you. You could also arrange one yourself and have them pick you up from the airport. If you are going to Sabang outside of the peak holiday periods, you may also be able to manage your own tour by following the instructions below. Consider also the possibility of having the van stay overnight in Sabang and bringing you back the next day for an extra P1,500. I recommend Manny to arrange your van hire
    i’ve just read it today and I’m a firsttimer

  3. HI Rosalinda, thank you for dropping by and sharing some tips!

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