Tagbilaran Airport – Bohol

Its small… That’s how i can describe to you Bohol’s Airport at Tagbilaran City.


That’s why only small commercial planes can fly into Bohol. 

Here’s a look at the arrival area.



After you get your baggage.. after a few steps, you’ll be at the exit door. and you’ll see the outside/parking of the airport.


There are a lot of travel agencies at the airport. Their vans are parked at the inner parking (as you can see from the pic above). If you don’t have a ride yet, you can get their services to take you to your hotel of choice. Or there are also hotel representatives at the parking convincing guests to stay in their hotel.

At the outer area, you’ll find tricycles and some cabs. Taxis are quite few in Bohol.

Going out of Bohol is not quite easy and hassle free as coming in. I don’t know if you’ll find it good or bad to be at the airport early – like 2-3 hours early. You see, they have a waiting area inside the airporort but only for those who have already “checked-in”. So you’ll have to wait outside of the airport (if its summer – under teh scoarching heat).


But at least, you’ll be the first in line. 😀

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