product instructions fail

I was supposed to buy this air freshener… good thing i always read the labels and instructions first.


Air freshener gel is uses superior natural fragrance. Whith its unique formulation, its fragrance should last for around 30 days, and is soft and fresh enough for any area, around the home and your car.


1. Do not ingost (maybe a foriegn language)
2. Keep away from children
3. Keep away from naked flame (what’s a naked flame?)


4 responses to “product instructions fail

  1. My brother works for BROTHER (the printer brand from Japan) and he says that most companies use a special software to localize their products.

    The software does the translation of labels and manuals automatically much like online translation services.

    So, I guess this is the reason behind funny labels.

  2. A “naked” flame is a flame or fire that is not enclosed, like in the case of a lamp.

  3. aha!
    that’s it!
    thanks for the meaning..

  4. rofl.

    it’s companies like this that gets bankrupt.

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