Manila Ocean Park

The Manila Ocean Park is the first oceanarium (Ocean + Aquarium) here in the Philippines. I was able to visit this beautiful place during the middle of the year.


I divided the oceanarium in 9 areas: Outside, Lobby, Area 1, Area 2, The dark room (Bahura), Middle (LAOT), Tunnel, Back Area, and Level 2. I don’t know if this is the real area division of the oceanarium. =>

This will be a long post with a lot of photos. So sit back and hope you enjoy.


Outside the oceanarium is a big area. Big (and expensive) parking space. There are also vendors selling snacks.



The lobby is big… looks big coz of the dome structure. With lots of chairs for those who will be waiting for their turn to come in. They’ve installed interactive touch screen bulletin/information boards where guests can get more information. It’s also where you need to pay the entrance fee of P400.00 (as of November 2008). Citizens of Manila are given discounts.



I don’t know the name of this area but it’s like the reception/welcoming area. => It’s where snake like sea creatures can be found and some plants and orchids.



Area 2 is a small place. It has Star Fishes, different kinds of Fighting fishes, and baby sharks.



As the name implies, this area is dark with lighted aquariums with great sea creatures! Just look at the photos below to see what i mean.



The middle area of the oceanarium is called the LAOT. I think it is named as such because most of the fishes that can be found here ordinarily served as part of a regular meal at home or in a resto.



This is my fave part of the park where I’m like under the sea…surrounded by water and the creatures that lurks in it.



The back area of the park is an extension of the tunnel with a bigger space where kids can roam around. Speaking of kids, there is a kids area where they can play. This area also leads to the second level of the park.



Level 2 is where you can take a quick boat ride and feed the fishes in the Giant aquarium (you’ll need to pay again for this service). Likewise, there’s another service that you can try here, foot scrub…. courtesy of the fisherooos! I wasn’t able to get a pic of it.


Go during weekdays and not weekends. Less people means more time to roam around with less noise, and more time to take pictures.

Slippers, T-shirts, and short sleeves are not allowed inside the park.Manila

2 responses to “Manila Ocean Park

  1. I’ve gone to the Oceanarium once before, and I still wanna go back!🙂

  2. koya.. pag nasal manila ulit tayong davao bloggers balik tayo!

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