Gensan: Grab a Crab Restaurant

I had a hearty dinner at Grab a Crab Restaurant in General Santos City! Who wouldn’t be, just look at the pictures below.

Now, let’s see each of the sumptuous treats that we had..

I will grab the names of the dishes from Andrew.


  • Mixed coldcuts: Hainanese chicken, century egg, seaweed and slice beef with oyster sauce 
  • Pampano Sea Bass (fish)
  • Spicy Crab – perfect!
  • Squid something (i don’t know the name)
  • The pork… ummm.. i duno the name either.. but in ordinary circumstances it is called patatim =p
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Beef Steak – beef steak never tasted that good! 
  • Crispy Shrimp (which was really Crispy!)
  • Buttered chicken with garlic

As you can see, i higlighted in bold letters the ones that i love most. Geeesh… that dinner was something! And to think that was the first meal i had in gensan. And so I thought that all food in gensan was that great.. And i was right! 

Just watch out for my next posts… hope it doesn’t make your eyes melt or pop out!

Address: Laurel East Avenue, General Santos City
For Reservations: (083) 553-5430, 553-4878, 301-0555


5 responses to “Gensan: Grab a Crab Restaurant

  1. I am definitely going to visit Grab A Crab when go back to Gen. Santos City.

    Had I seen these photos when we were in GenSan, I would have splurged on crabs and seafood!

    Nagutom ako sa post mo, Migs!

  2. Koya lyle,

    nasan ba kayo ni ate bren ng mga oras na yun? di kayo nagparamdam! sayang….

    sa Socsargen Fat na lang!

  3. We ate at a bar/cafe/restaurant in Dolores Hotel. We didn’t know na may mga peeps na pala as early as friday. Kala namin kami lang early birds from Davao.

    Oo nga, babawi na lang kami sa SOCCSKSARGEN FAT!

    Love all your blogs, been bloghopping on Mindanao Blogs since MBS2. Keep on blogging, buddymigs!

  4. sayang koya.. di bale, si ate bren kumain dyan.. sinamahan ang 2 kids! di ka sinama! 😛

    thanks brader!

  5. hello? i just want to inquire , do you have dishes like sea urchins?

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