Gensan: Gensan Fish Port

I was able to visit the Fish Port Complex in General Santos City. They say, its the cleanest fish port here in the Philippines.

We were accompanied and toured by the head of the port security. He was so kind and accommodating. 

I can’t remember when was the first time i’ve been to a fish port and where but i’m sure i’ve been to one.. but not like this place.. The Gensan Fish port is big and everything seems to be organized. They have different areas for different processes. Like they have a separate area for receiving small fishes. 

You won’t be allowed to enter the port if you do not have the proper attire. Well, that was what happened to me. I was wearing slippers.. i should have worn my shoes. Everyone who comes in has theie own rubber boots. It’s a must.

There were a lot of boats, small and big ones. There were also tiny ones! hahahaha.. Yeah they where on top of the big boats called “banka”. They were like toys! =p

The air smelled like.. what else.. fish.. but it’s not the foul odor that you’ll normally find in a wet market. Maybe because it was open air and the fish were fresh.

Speaking of fish, it’s not everyday that i get to see big fishes.. as big as me and heavier than me! Geeeeesh!

Thanks to Raphael Banta for the two pics above


2 responses to “Gensan: Gensan Fish Port

  1. Hi. Thanks for visiting Gensan. =))

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