GenSan: Family Country Hotel and Convention Center

There are not so many places in General Santos city that you can choose for your accommodation needs. Also, there are only quite a few lodging places with big venues that you can use if you have plans of having an event in Gensan.

That’s where Family Country Hotel and Convention Center comes in.

They have a separate convention center which is just right across their hotel rooms. They serve good food and they have friendly and accommodating staff.

Inside the hotel is Cafe Leticia where they serve nice breakfast. They have Filipino, American, and i think Oriental breakfast with different combinations. I was able to taste two of their Filipino Breakfast set meals. The first one was composed of:

  • a small serving of Bangus belly,
  • 2 eggs, (your choice of either scrambled, boiled, or sunny side up)
  • Fruits – i had 3 slices of pineapple,
  • steamed rice, (or fried rice)
  • instant coffee, and (or juice or tea)
  • a glass of water.

I was also able to try their Hungarian sausage which was yummy.

The second Filipino breakfast that i got to try was the Pork Tocino Meal which had the following:

  • An ample serving of pork tocino (tell the waiter not to overcook it.. right Blogie?)
  • 2 eggs ( same choices as above)
  • Fruits
  • Fried rice (or steamed)
  • Instant Coffee (or juice or tea)
  • A glass of water

The food takes quite a lot of time to prepare. But i should really point out that all their waiters were nice and courteous.

One thing Family Country can improve on is their rooms. Since they are a hotel, their rooms should be their main focus. If I’m not mistaken, they have a regular, a Standard, and a suite. I think we got the regular room that was good for three persons and costs P995.00.

I was SHOCKED to see the sample pictures on their website. It was waaaaaaaayy far from what we actually saw! The pic on the left  is from family Country’s Website, the one on the right is the actual pic.

Below are pics taken from two regular rooms including my recommendation/suggestions:

Make some repairs on your rest rooms like changing the curtains, replacing the tiles on the floor, always make it look clean, change your toilet bowl if it already lost one of its components. I think the towels were supposed to be color white and not grayish.

Change the shower nozzles. I laughed hard when i found out that the shower nozzle only had 4 holes which provides low water pressure. At least it emits sumtin.

Change the bed… from the bed sheets/bed cover, blankets, the mattress ,and the pillow. It seems that these stuff have not been replaced for over a decade.

The rooms that i had been to did not have a cable TV nor a landline phone which the front desk officer already told me before she handed me the keys to the room.

All in all, the rooms that i was able to try looked like a public hospital ward.

One thing more, they should not allow pets to roam round the place. Cats and dogs were like already residents of Family country. I was compelled to asked the guard in duty if it was really a hotel and not an inn or a pension house.

I hope you find these suggestions useful.

Oh, I enjoyed Family country’s free fast wi-fi at the lobby and at Cafe Leticia!


11 responses to “GenSan: Family Country Hotel and Convention Center

  1. A very honest write-up, Migoy! The good as well as the bad. Very fair, IMHO. My take on the Family Country Mhotel: I’d eat there (or even hold a conference there), but I wouldn’t stay overnight there again.

  2. I was fortunate enough not to experience what you saw brader. I’m sure the folks at FCH will take your advice and improve their facilities.

  3. yeah right, it looks like a public hospital. lol..

    may tolerance na ako sa mga bagay bagay na yan.. kaya OK lang… hehe..

    Nga pala kuya migs, thanks for letting me use your laptop… 🙂

  4. Hi Migz,

    Kala ko ako lang naka book dun. 😦

    Sa ERH tayo next time ha, malapit lang sa Bars du’n

  5. Pingback: GenSan was a BLAST « Manilenyo In Davao

  6. ako naman, nakitulog lang ako dun eh,

    kaya i dont wana speak on a negative note, haha.

    anyways kuya migs, tnx sa pagpahiram ng laptop for SEVERAL hours, literally.

  7. nd nga pala, i was looking for the wacky pic we took at the room with ate chatee, etc? grab ko po sana, tnx.

  8. Hi, Migs. Buti na lang I opted for Dolores Hotel. At Php595/day for a clean room with a big bed, hot & cold shower, cable tv, and is waaay better than FCH.

  9. Blogs: Di ko talaga maisip pano ka nakatagal ng 3 days dun.. ako 4 hours lang!


    Drew: Sana nga brader…

    Chard, welcomes.. kinopya mo yung nasa isang folder no? =p

    Pangitster: waaaaaaaaaaaaa… di ka nagparamdam! maganda yung room mo?

    Pat, wahahahhaha.. uu nga.. 4 hours ka lang din sa room.. quickie! =p

    Bren, ate, sana may pics kayo ng Dolores!
    wag ka na mang-inggit sa TV!

  10. i love g

  11. we have been there last night. . . .employees are unapproachable and inhospitable. . .no good manners and right conduct…sa sunod po ang init nang ulo niyo wag niyo ibuhos sa mga first timer customers niyo..kinakausap kayo ng maayos pero baliko-baliko ang mga sagot sunod po magsabi kayo kung ayaw niyo tumanggap ng guests..hindi yung oo o hindi na tatanggap kayo… initiative din po..hindi na kung ano ang nasabi ng nag-approach sa lng din po ang gagawin niyo…kaganda-ganda ng mga samples na ginapakita niyo pero pagdating doon, hindi na kaaya-aya…hindi pa tapos ang fix time ng event..pinapatayan niyo na ng ilaw..di pa tapos kumain ang iba, nililigpitan niyo na. .mga staff and crews ng convention wag kayo magmadali, di pa tapos ang event namin..niligpit niyo na lahat..anong silbi ng oras na pinag-usapan kung ganyan kayo mag approach sa mga guests niyo…matagal naman sana yang building niyo..pero bakit kulang-kulang ang gamit yung mga tao niyo jan ang kukupad gumalaw..parang gusto na parang ayaw.

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