Baguio: The Mansion

It is dubbed as the Malacañang Palace of the north – The Mansion.


Its where Philippine Presidents live while in Baguio City. More of its history here.


Most of the area is restricted. They only open a portion of the place to the public for picture taking. But there are occasions where they open the entire area to the public. I guess it depends on the President.



A military personnel was at the gate. Aside from guarding the place, he had a “sideline”. Selling “duyan” (swing in english right?)


At least he had a past time. =>

Here’s a view of the Mansion from Google Maps.


3 responses to “Baguio: The Mansion

  1. “Selling “duyan” (swing in english right?)”

    you can also call them Hammocks 🙂

  2. HAMMOCK! yey!


  3. malacanang of the north? no, malacanang of the north is found in ilocos.. but you were right when you said that it is where the president stays when she’s visiting baguio.. im from baguio right by the way, and so i know.. and ive been to ilocos and our tourguide told us the name of the place where we went before and she said it is called malcanang of the north.. the one with paoay lake outside..

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