Baguio: Mines View Park


That wonderful view can only be seen at Mines View Park. Less than 10 minutes away from the Mansion.


But expect a slight traffic build-up when going there.


The first thing you’ll notice, besides the traffic, are the many souvenir booths.

baguio_mines_view002 baguio_mines_view003

I suggest for you to buy your “sweets” here in Mines View Park. They give discounts. But make sure you buy the best ones. Canvass for the lowest price first. But do that after you have seen the “view”.

There are ponies where you can ride on its back and have your picture take.

Baguio_mines view538

You may also want to pose as a Native.


Or maybe you want to be with a real native, they also have one here like in the Botanical Garden.


Don’t forget to throw a coin at the wishing pond.


Now for the real view, go to the view deck.



They have telescopes that you can rent. But i don’t know what you’ll be looking for with those. =p


This is what you’ll see if you look down…




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