Baguio: Wright Park

If Burnham park is known for its man made lagoon, wright park is known in Baguio for Pony Rides/horseback riding.

baguio_wright park005

baguio_wright park007

I forgot ho much a pony ride costs..

Around the park are more vendors and souvenir stalls. There’s this stall managed by a guy who sells nice T-shirts. P100.00 each (he sells it for P130-P150). The clothes are thicker than that of the 2 for P150 that you can buy anywhere. And they have better prints too.

baguio_wright park035

Good thing there are those who still maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding.

baguio_wright park004

There is also these stairs which will lead you closer to heaven.. i mean to The Mansion.

baguio_wright park008

Upon reaching the top.. you’ll be amazed! You’ll see this!

baguio_wright park010

And this…

baguio_wright park014

hahhaha.. more stalls to buy your souvenirs.. But these items more expensive than those in the Botanical Garden. I cought one lady knitting a product. afterwards she’ll sell it.

baguio_wright park030

Plus there’s this place which i don’t know what its called.

baguio_wright park018

baguio_wright park019

Not far from here is The Mansion.

baguio_wright park021

See where Wright Park is on the Map.


3 responses to “Baguio: Wright Park

  1. reminds me of the philippines!!!:)

  2. Thanks for the info. It will help us a lot. Planning to visit this Jan-2008

  3. Now, i know.. thanks! I’ve been there yesterday spending Christmas.. I enjoyed this place than other.. baguio is a great place for the family.. Ü, i thought its teacher’s camp where you can find horses and pony..

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