Baguio: SM Baguio and Baguio Cathedral

After a 6 hour ride from Manila, we finally arrived in Baguio.

We didn’t book for a hotel. We didn’t expect that there will be a lot of events in Baguio coz Panagbenga is still in February. All the cheap hotels and inns near Burnham and Session Road was fully booked. Good thing City Travel Hotel still had a spare room even though it was a venue for a wedding the next day.


After we checked-in, we went to SM Baguio to have late lunch.


We checked every floor at SM Baguio. The place was sooooooooooo cold!

After SM Baguio, we went to the Baguio Cathedral. We took the stairs.


We entered from the side of the church.







Where to enter:

You can enter the cathedral from the main entrance which is just beside the Post office.

You can also use the elevator at a mall (i forgot the name of the mall).


After a short prayer, we walked down to Burnham Park.


7 responses to “Baguio: SM Baguio and Baguio Cathedral

  1. my favorite placE is BAGUIO!!!!!
    dahil maganda xa!!! at magandang mamaxal sa mga park nakaka relax!!! at maramikang makikitang mga bagay na hindi mo makikita sa ibang lugar!!!! kaya masasabi ko sa baguio maganda!!! poamise!!!!

  2. i live in baguio

    the name of the mall is porta vaga

  3. what date when you checked in sity travel hotel???????

    my cousin celebrated her wedding reception on that hotel

  4. hi! ur blog is and my husband really want to go to baguio..funny hehe but never been there. info are very helpful..thank you! but maybe you can put a price.we really want to budget our money.thanks in advance if you can post maybe..thanks!!!

  5. Glaiza,

    Just email me your questions and I’ll be glad to help you out. 😀

  6. is der a shop of barbie at SM???

  7. I’m sure there is one there.

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