Baguio: Burnham Park

Burnham Park is only one of several parks that can be found in Baguio City. But among them, Burnham is the most popular.


Burnham Park was named after the city’s architect, Daniel Burnham.

baguio-Burnham002 baguio-Burnham004 baguio-Burnham009


Its famous Man made lagoon is its best attraction.


You can ride the Swan Boat (with pedal) for P60.00 (off season) plus an additional P25.00 if you need someone to pedal it for you. =p

baguio-Burnham018 baguio-Burnham021

You can also rent a boat which is advisable if your a group. P100.00 per hour. Plus an additional P25.00 if you want a rower.


Burnham is also known as the park where you can have a bike ride.


Where there’s a park, there are vendors! You’ll find all sorts of vendors in Burnham Park like food, toys for young ones, accessories and of course souvenirs .


You’ll find lots of vendors selling silver accessories. Don’t be fooled. These are just silver plated metals. I’m not saying Don’t buy them (i bought some), but these are cheap accessories so buy them cheap. If the vendor says P150.00, tell him or her to drop the 1. Hahhahaha. When buying these stuff, always ask for the price 50%-80% off the original. They’ll give it to you believe me. If not, find another vendor.

Also, buy in bulk. You’d get bigger discounts.


If you want to buy original silver items, buy from IBAYs (not ebay). Its a well known jewelry store in Baguio.


There are also knitted clothes around burnham, specially at night. Just make sure you ask for a discount.

Beside Burnham Park is another park, Rizal Park. Its a small park where a monument for our National Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal is placed.

Rizal Park pics from City of Pines

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  1. can i apply as a tour guide sir& maam??

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