Baguio: Where to stay?

There are a lot of places where you can stay in Baguio City. All you need to do is find the right one that will suit your needs and your BUDGET.

There are the Hotels, Inns, Pension Houses, condominiums, apartments, and Transients.

Baguio Hotels

For new travelers, transients may be a new word. Its like a boarding house where you will only get a private room but share the kitchen and living room with other people. Its cheaper and more economical specially for visitors who will just use it for sleeping and to put their things in a place.

The BASIC lodging requirements are the following:

  • Bed
  • TV
  • Comfort room
  • Bath room

Most rooms in lodging places in Baguio doesn’t have Aircondition Units (Aircon). Who would need one in a cold place like this? =p

Whatever accommodation or lodging that you choose, get one that is near the town proper , Burnham park, or Session Road. As they say, its where the action is!

Here is a list of lodging places – that I know – which is near Burnham Park.

  • Inn Rocio


Inn Rocio (pronounced as IN RO-SI-YO) is an old place. They have old rooms. Even the front desk is aging literally and figuratively. But they have a nice view of the City. When i checked one of their rooms I was surprised to find out that there was no bath room, only a rest room inside. I guess you have to take a shower outside or in another area.

  • Burnham View


I didn’t check the Burnham View condos. But its near Inn Rocio.

  • City Travel Hotel


This is where we stayed. I’ll be making a separate post for this one.

  • Burnham Suites

I guess this is a very expensive hotel. The lobby was very nice!

  • Paladin


I had a bad experience with this hotel. Check it here. Checked it again and its still the same… Looks nice on the outside but bad on the inside.

  • Kisad Hotel

This is where you will stay if you are visiting Baguio in groups. They have cheap rooms that is good for four to six persons. The rooms looks old but for sure it will suit the budget and the BASIC lodging needs.

  • Venus Parkview Hotel


I think the rooms are nice. Only checked with the front desk, standard room (double) = P1,650. Price is cheaper than City Travel. Next time i’ll try it.

  • Golden Pine


Didin’t check out this hotel. We just passed this by.

  • Ina Mansion

A condotel.

  • Benguet Pine Tourist Inn

Looks old. Its beside a parking area for public utility vehicles. Didn’t check the rates.

Some places near Session Road and SM Baguio are:

  • Hotel Veniz

This is a nice hotel. Cheap but elegant. For only P1,000.00+ you get a nice room (without Aircondition). A room good for two would only cost you P1,300.00. That’s during off-season. You would have to add P400.00 to P600.00 during holidays. Also, it is strategically situated beside Burnham park and at the foot of Session Road.

Hotel Veniz is one of the Best hotels in Baguio.

  • Hotel 45


A low cost lodging place. The place is cheap so don’t expect much amenities and good stuff. But it will suit your BASIC lodging needs.

  • Bloomfield Hotel

Aside from having high rates this is also one of those hotels with bad Customer Service. A standard room would cost you P1,780.00 but if you add P210.00, you’ll get to have breakfast for 2. When we inquired about their rates, we felt that we were not welcome. The lady at the front desk that time (good thing for you i didn’t take a picture) handed us the brochure and said that they didn’t have any available room.

So in front of her, i called up City Travel Hotel using my cellphone and made a reservation. Then we left!

Other Hotels that I have seen (just passed by):

  • Supreme Hotel is far from the town proper. But its near the Bell Church (Chinese temple) and Strawberry farm.
  • The expensive but elegant Microtel suites is just beside the Victory Bus terminal.


  • f

There are other lodging places at the parallel street – Legarda Road.

I don’t know any transient houses and i haven’t tried using one. But I know some friends who have used it and they say its ok.

NOTE: Rates mentioned herein are as of January 2008.


35 responses to “Baguio: Where to stay?

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  2. hi!i really wanted to tsek the city travel hotel,can u email me the contact no there?i really appreciate it,thanks a lot!

  3. i dont think ina mansion is a good place to stay and tht’s accdg to my experience with my friends. the crue are not hospitable when they ought to be.the room is not comftable to stay in. pillow cases and bed sheets stings,pillows are filthy, for me i didn’t enjoy staying in ina mansion

  4. thanks for the info giselle

  5. this post is so useless.. the info are boring, dull, and monstrous!! this is just for SC people who needs attention..

  6. dennise ,

    what do you call a person who comments on a useless post?


  7. check our unit avilable for lease daily weekly monthly


  8. Last sept, me and my bf stayed at Benguet pine tourist inn. Yes, it looks old but it was ok, specially for those who are just looking for a place where to sleep and take a bath. So Maharlika market and SM baguio. Just right across burnham park.

  9. Last sept, me and my bf stayed at Benguet pine tourist inn. Yes, it looks old but it was ok, specially for those who are just looking for a place where to sleep and take a bath. So Maharlika market and SM baguio. Just right across burnham park. 800.00php per night good for two. They also have 700.00php and the only difference is, the room doesn’t have a cable TV.

  10. Hi shirl,
    me and my husband are planning to go there but unfortunately i dont know where to stay.can u give me the contact number of Benguet Pine tourist Inn?

    thanks in advance.

  11. hw bout hotel 45 for the family, is it okay there? anny comments anyone…..

  12. hi shirl,

    im going to baguio by this month (last week of november 08).. Do u have contact number of benguet pine tourist inn? please, i really dnt know wer to stay.. TNX a lot

  13. how much does it cost for 2 person per room

    maybe we will stay there for about 1day and half..

    again how much???

  14. which room and which hotel?

  15. Benguet Pine Tourist Inn
    39 Chanum Corner Otek Sts.
    Tel No. 074-442-7325

    Room for 8 is P2,600
    Room for 2 is P1,000

    I inquired there already. Saw their building last
    Oct 2008. Its very near Burnham Park. Walking distance. I haven’t checked-in there yet but we plan to stay there this Dec 2008.

  16. Thanks for the info. Very useful.

  17. This is a very very useful post especially for someone like me. I am not really experienced in travelling on my own to far-away places. I wanted to try Baguio and one of the biggest problems is where to stay. This post makes it a lot easier. I just hope the prices did not increase to much. πŸ™‚

  18. I don’t agree with Giselle, Ina Mansion is a nice place.

  19. What a great blog!

    Quick question everyone… everytime I travel abroad, i’m used to making hotel reservation online… I’m wondering if its wise to do the same in Baguio? or should i just drive there and just walk in to any hotel i feel like staying? The thing is Tripadvisor is saying how great Bloomfield hotel is and this blog is saying otherwise so I’m torn in between. Thank you guys…

  20. Hi mike.

    Thanks for dropping by.

    In fairness to Bloomfield Hotel, we did not see the rooms. And maybe the receptionist was just busy that time or pissed off with someone or on something.

    If those in trip advisor says its a good place then i suggest you try it out. πŸ˜€

  21. No worries, migs
    I got it, thanks!
    but my question remains, is it wise to book online or just walk in say I travel on Friday this week? I just want to learn from others exprience πŸ™‚
    Btw, between microtel, Elizabeth hotel, and burnham suite, which one do you recommend & why? Sorry for sounding like a peagent question πŸ™‚
    Sorry for sounding

  22. Hi Mike,

    Booking online is great if you will go there during peak season – February, march, april, may, November, december – then you need to book online to avoild not having a place to stay. But during other months (off-peak seasons) you can just go to baguio and book your hotel right then and there. You can also ask for an off peak discount. You can go there this friday and still have an available room for you. πŸ˜€

    I can recommend a hotel for you if you’ll tell me what you want in one. wifi, close to city proper, not crowded, ambiance, etc. πŸ˜€

  23. got yah, sounds good!

    well thanks, your recommendation would be nice, i could use it… how about a hotel close to city proper, wifi would be nice, definitly not smelly, fine ambiance, and safe parking space is a must…

    Thanks again, migs!

  24. Can I have a picture of the paladin hotel?

  25. can i have picture of paladin hotel

  26. nice blog! just wanna know if Hotel 45 has its in-room CR and TV? anyone? thanks in advance..

  27. and for how much it costs for 2 person for 3 days and 2 nights?

  28. Yes, hotel 45 has a CR and TV…

    Hotel 45, Session Rd., Tel. 63-74-4426634.

  29. Hi, thanks for your very useful addition to the intertubes :).

    Just wondering if anyone knows what the La Brea Inn and/or the Benguet Pine Tourist Inn are like? Looking at November 2 – 8.

  30. planning to go to baguio this march 2010..which hotel is budget friendly and quite good to stay? (clean, with own cr, very private, near mall and burnham park)

    please help me.. thanks in advance!

  31. hello po gus2 ko po mag punta sa baguio pwdi po b malaman kong san ung mura at safe n hotel for 12 persons thanks

  32. thanks sa mga info bro! .. really helped a lot .. na makapili ng mga ayos na hotel na pwedeng matuluyan .. nice job .. two thumbs up!!!

  33. Hi guys! just spent valentines (feb 2011) at baguio and stayed at bloomfield hotel, rate at 2,140 peak season (deluxe room), last time we went there august 2010, the same room cost 1,800 then. rooms have air con, tv, wifi, hot and cold shower, so far nice naman, malinis, accommodating ung receptionist, may guard may bell boy, may free breakfast din kaso for 1 person lang, maliit ang room pero queen size ung bed. btw, kng may anak kayo, libre na ung bata below 12 yrs old. migs were thinking of staying at paladin hotel next time, we checked it out kaso d namin nakita ung rooms, mura nga ung rates saka may wifi na din daw sila. cguro may improvement na ngayon kse 2006 pa ung post mo. Sino na ba naka stay d2 sa angeli hotel? maganda ba dun? accessible ung lugar nila kse, malapit sa hotel veniz.

  34. Huhu… I’m running out of time… malapit na Panagbenga and I haven’t booked any hotel yet 😦

  35. Hi there Baguio travellers…whoaaa! out of date information here! There is a new breed of Transient houses in Baguio….. super facilities, security and excellent friendly owners, just type Baguiotransient into any web browser to see how good they are now! Best wishes to All

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