Baguio: Getting there

Baguio City is part of Benguet Mountain Province. Its a 4-6 hour ride from Manila.

There are only 2 ways for you to be able to get there – either by Land or Air. But the most popular and usual way of going to Baguio is to travel by land, either by Bus or Private vehicle. If you are going there as a group (friends or family), I highly suggest that you just rent a van. If you decide to take a bus, then take the Victory Bus Liner. Although there are other bus companies which can get you in Baguio, Victory is the known and most trusted bus company to get you to your destination.


As of January 2008, Going to Bagui via Victory Bus would cost you P380.00. The said amount covers the fare and travel insurance. I’m not sure but i guess the fares will increase during the holidays like this coming February for the annual Panagbenga or Flower Festival.

You can also purchase your ticket in advance – which i suggest that you do. Specially if you plan to travel on a weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) or during Holidays where a lot of people go to Baguio for a vacation or to go back to their homes. Ask the person in the ticket booth to have you seated on the LEFT side of the bus. Coz that’s where most of the view are.

Victory Buses departs on time. So you need to be in the terminal 30 minutes before your actual departure time, or else you will loose your seat in favor of the chance passengers. You will also pay a 10% surcharge fee for being late and taking the next trip. So be there early! The bus won’t wait for you!

You will have THREE stop-overs. First in Dau Pmapangga, then Tarlac and the last break will be in Pangasinan.


I guess the last stop is intended for you to wake up! Coz after that, its trekking time!

There are two roads going to Baguio, the Mcarthur Highway and the Kenon road. Most public vehicles use the Mcarthur Highway coz its faster. Kenon road is where the Famous Lion’s head is. So if you are on a private ride, better use that one.


Along the way your eyes will feast due to the wonders that it will see specially if you are a nature lover.




When you feel that you’re tummy is rumbling, then it might be because you are on the zig-zag road.



You’ll know when you are nearing your final stop when you feel that the road is flat (not inclined).

Your final stop is the Victory Bus Liner terminal in Baguio City!


There you will be greeted by a lot of people offering flyers from different hotels and transients and vehicles for rent.

The cabs are just a few feet away from where the bus stops.

One more tip, Travel light. Just bring one set of clothes that you will use for the day and only one set of clothes that you will use for sleeping for the rest of your stay (that’s if you are staying for 5 days or less). Baguio is a cold place, so you wont need to change clothes that often. Also make sure you bring a Jacket – a thick one.. but not the one used in Antarctica. Baguio is coldest during December, January and February.


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